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Osteopaths are trained to recognise and treat a number of causes of pain and  dysfunction. We are accepted by all major insurance companies. By checking company or family policies patients often find they are covered for a course of treatment. All osteopaths are recognised under the auspices of the `Osteopaths Act` (1993). Further information relating to those conditions commonly treated and managed and also what to expect when visiting an osteopath can be found in our FAQs section. More information is available on the osteopathy page or you can phone me to discuss any aspects of treatment on 01491-838866 (t) or 07788421890 (m)

Rohan Iswariah D.O. is a fully trained osteopath, registered with the General Osteopathic Council. 

Rohan gained his qualification from The British School Of Osteopathy in 1983 and has been in full time practice treating all age groups for a wide range of conditions ever since.

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Amusing patient anecdote ?: It`s a small world !

by rohan iswariah on 03/27/16

Dear Rohan
My last appointment with you was to ensure that I was fit and well for a trip to Australia.  After travelling to Adelaide and driving for 4 hours my wife and I arrived at an old sheep station where up to 10 guests can stay and experience the outback. On this occasion there was only one other couple staying there and, notwithstanding the 10000 miles from your practice, you were soon a topic of discussion as it turned out that two of us had been treated by you!  By the way both patients fit and well.

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